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Rego’s Pasta Express

I didn’t know that Rego’s Pasta Express are the very same owner of Leafy Green Things it became clear when the attendant handed me signature menu of green salad choices – there you go. I had a dinner there the couple of weeks ago with a colleague but it’s not a dinner date but a sharing of blessings to come.

For pasta lovers there’s Seafood Gambas Pasta

additional order of Chicken Lollipop to make our stomach full!

Here’s the catch another catch – When you order 300 pesos worth of purchase you get 5% discount and 600 Pesos above purchase get 10% discount. After paying your order/s you’ll get a privilege card valid until December 31, 2011.

Regos’s Pasta Express is located at Valencia Corporate Center, Arellano St., Davao City, with tel. no. (082) 304-7346 mobile no. 0933-549-7341.

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