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Papa Ching’s Greaseless Chicken

Papa Ching’s Signature half Greaseless Chicken – Php 175.00

The other night I was not thinking were to go for dinner, I just took a short walk and simply rode a passenger jeep to take me at Quirino Avenue. Along those street are food establishments all lined up like Sushi Dito, Handuraw Pizza and among others.

Asparagus Soup – Php 55.00

Right across the street is J. Camus extension that leads to the new building Sampaguita Inn and SPED Center dela Salle follow the road there and lo! you’ll arrive at Papa Ching’s Restaurant.

Papa Ching’s Greaseless Half Chicken is served with 1 cup rice, a slice of fried saba bana, tomato and cucumber. There’s no accompanying chicken gravy if you ask for some they’ll charge you for around Php 40.00, but instead the courteous waiter pointed me at the table some Hot Tabasco and Lea Perrins Worcestershire sauce.

The asparagus is soup is somewhat cooked in an instant, it has less chopped aspararus fillings, not tender.

Over-all the Greaseless Chicken is a pass for me, except for the soup. 🙂

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