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Gastronomical Affair at Zabadani

March 18, 2011, Friday, 8:00 pm, my stomach’s grumbling, thinking where my food hopping escapade will be, I was walking in the streets of Claveria and ended finally ended up at Ponciano Reyes Street.

Kaboom! I spotted Zabadani to my rescue!

Approached the front desk and talked to Wadi the owner of the cafe what bestsellers they can give me.

He suggest that try Beef Ribs with extra hot spice for dinner.

Friends of four (4) they were Mark of Markable, Leah Valle of Kitchen Hopping, Angie Maestrato of Free Angie and Tessa Mae Mata of Fashion Facile,  were coming so I ordered Bruschetta topped olives, stuffed with chicken, quickmelt cheese, french bread, tomatoes, 5 pieces at P60.00, Zabadani Green Salad: lettuce, black olives, thyme, sprinkled with cayenne pepper, pinch of salt, cucumber, tomatoes, chicken strips, cheese, P95.00 because I love veggies, Yoghurt Shake with Macademia Flavor at P78.00 and Pita Cheese Sticks at P75.00 – they’re not your ordinary kind of cheese sticks, they’re special kind of pita which Wadi would not like to divulge it’s their trade secrets.. hehehe…

They have free wifi when you order P150 worth of foodies, workstations computer connected to the internet, a carpet with pillows so you can relax while surfing with your laptop.

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Leah Valle of

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