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Spicy Korean Bean Sprout Pork Stew Recipe

Spicy Korean Bean Sprout Pork Stew is in favorite list.

Spicy Korean Bean Sprout Pork Stew is my grand mother’s comfort food she likes to make when the weather starts to get cold. One way or another, I like it preparing it! It’s a regular cozy meal prepared during the cold season too.

While Korean Cooking and Korean Recipes are making waves lately on the web, it has also caught the attention of folks all around the world as a healthy alternative for those who are concerned with their health and looking after their diet. Watch out your food intakes!

According to health information advice, it notes and indicates Korean Cuisine is considered the world’s healthiest cuisines ranks on the Top 10 at Number 4, trailing behind Greece, Japan, and Mexico. On the other hand, Thailand, Spain, Italy, India, France, and Lebanon follow the lists too.

Korean Cooking is both passion and art, it’s like marrying both knowledge and heart to get things altogether!

Here’s the video to play it over and over again, in case you’re missing out on the step and procedure.

We’ve also prepared a text version of the ingredients plus procedure. Enjoy!



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