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Cabbage Rolls Recipe for vegetarians, vegans alike

Cabbage Rolls Recipe is easy to prepare, Koreans on the other hand love to eat and still maintain that proportioned weight and figure!

No wonder Korean folks are sexy and blooming!

This has something to do with their health and diet regimen program, and without a doubt, they always put concern on their healthy way of living and for them, it’s almost a religious thing to do, do you agree?

Then in most cases, we’ve prepared a quick recipe that’s easy to prepare and I promise you, it won’t break you a sweat!

So here we go! Drum rolls

Cabbage rolls recipe is delicious and abundant, a staple diet on most Korean recipes, and always present on any menu.

It’s not a difficult recipe as some would say, the prep time is short, doable within a limited time frame, and the ingredients you can grab at a nearby market or grocer in your area.

You can plan and recommend this meal ahead of time within a week.

Check out the video on the steps and procedures. Text versions are present below and of course, there’s an English subtitle for you to follow the flow and process:



If you’re on diet and don’t want any extra weight gain I recommend this vegan cabbage roll recipe that’s easy to prepare and ready on the go!

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