Having a Pizza at Calda

calda pizza

I’ve noticed these days that Davao City is becoming a pizza haven for food fanatics out there, pizza parlors and restaurants are seemingly sprouting anywhere in every nook and cranny of the city.

I must admit I’m used to eating branded big pizza names in the likes of Shakeys and Pizza Hut, and because these days good food has always not to be that expensive, why not don’t I give a local pizza a try – Calda Pizza came into picture.

You should try their new branch at Matina Town Square. I tried their Calzone regular 10″ pizza and affordably priced at Php 180 – the toppings are enclosed in a thin crust and baked – loaded up with tomato sauce, ohh so melting mozarella cheese, ham, onions, mushrooms and pineapple.

Hawaiian Pizza

Their best seller Calda is a sure winner – we ordered this one 20″ XL size topped with tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms, is priced at       Php 540 and we had to back it up with additional order of Hawaiian Pizza – with tomato, mozarella, ham and pineapple, just in case we ran out short to share with Davao Bloggers and Friends.

Best Seller "Calda" Pizza

So far, Calda Pizza faired enough when it comes to taste, the crust is not too thin, enough to support the generous amount of toppings, not salty – don’t need to worry about your blood pressure, no funny aftertaste – their pizza is affordable and reasonably priced within reach for every pocket, servings are generous, I actually brought some extras home for a midnight snack – shame on me! lols..  – before I forget Calda Pizza in Davao never runs out of customers whenever I visit them even on peak and slow hours.

Davao Bloggers pose with Calda Pizza Logo

To take advantage of this wonderful pizza it is best shared with friends, love ones and families. So I must say go now and try it! and don’t give me that excuse when you’re coming back or not for more.

Calda Pizza – Matina Town Square – tel. nos. 271-5474, mobile: 0932-428-1770 or you can visit them on Facebook.

Photo Credits:
Leah Valle of 13thwitch Photography Studio

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  1. Mmmm… Moutwatering pizza. Nice post Faust. Haven’t tried it though. Are their pizza’s in thin crust? As in tanan?

    Don’t forget, yogurt! Daghag yogurt nagsulputan sa Davao market karon. 😀

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