Balamban Liempo at Ngoyong Haus

After a badminton workout at Wheels and More Drive, Bajada, badminton buddies Andrew Dela Serna, Dulce Lada, Joanna Grace Abella and yours truly Faust Principe headed to Ngoyong Haws last Sept. 3, 2010, we had our dinner there, I’ve heard and read positive rants about the place.

balamban liempo Balamban Liempo at Ngoyong Haus

Balamban Liempo

True, their Balamban Liempo is the tastiest pork belly I’ve ever tasted so far, the aroma is somewhat distinguishable by it’s finely chopped lemon grass, onion leaves, a mix of herbs and spices spread all over, the crunchy pork skin simply just leave me salivating for more.

ngoyong lumpia Balamban Liempo at Ngoyong Haus

Ngoyong Lumpia

For those on a vegetable diet you can also try their Ngoyong Lumpia – a crunchy crust layer with heart of palm coconut (ubod) deep fried, Honestly, when I took the first bite I suddenly remembered something in the past – Cebu came in my mind, I think Ngoyong Haus probably came from my hometown Cebu if I’m not mistaken and opened it’s branches here in Davao.

Top of it all the prices are affordable ranging from Php 60.00 – Php 140.00

Notes: Their extra rice is Php 8.00 per cup, no aircon, outdoor dining

Photo Credits and Source: Davao Foodie

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  1. jojo says:

    good am, this is jojo vergara owner of balamban liempo in cebu, do you know who knows this place in davao? they are using my brandname without my approval. i heard about this ngohiong haws from my friends there already, i will fly there soon. do email me, thanks for the info

  2. So delicious … Nice pics too … kudos to faust and davao foodie :) great post!

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