That Sinful Pork Humba

pork humba 01 That Sinful Pork Humba

I tried my best avoiding pork, but this one is inevitable, they’re so tempting and sinfully delicious – at least I consume it once a week. icon smile That Sinful Pork Humba

I was invited to a school event that day, I mean today. A colleague of mine from a school I used to work, cooked Pork Humba and I immediately asked for her recipe that’s worth sharing.

pork humba 02 That Sinful Pork Humba

For those who are eating this sinful food please don’t forget to have your blood pressure checked and bring anti-cholesterol medication.

Here are the ingredients:
5 kilos pork, cut into bite sizes
1.36 liter pineapple juice sweetened
2 1/2 garlic cloves sliced
3 onion bulb sliced
4 bell pepper sliced
1 sachet ginisa mix seasoning
1 sachet soy sauce
1/2 can black beans


  • mix all ingredients – pork, pineapple juice, garlic, onion bulb, ginisa mix, 2 tablespoon of black beans for taste, in a large pot, set the stove flame to medium for 30 minutes.
  • after 30 mins. put half sachet of soy sauce and bell pepper, let it simmer in slow fire.
  • serve

Maria Grazelda Maquiling

Note: The Pork Humba Recipa mentioned above serves around 30 persons.

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