Sbarro at Ayala Mall Cebu

sbarro 1 Sbarro at Ayala Mall Cebu
If you’ve been to italian restaurants, then if you did, I had come across to a restaurant at Ayala Center Mall, Cebu City, it’s called Sbarro. I first came in so hungry, it was an enticing experience, it’s mouth watering pastas and pizzas on display, couldn’t stop resisting.

sbarro 2 Sbarro at Ayala Mall Cebu

I could never imagined that what they served proved to be worth paying, the place is cozy, with a large picture background of an Italian Grocery somewhere in New York, the attendants are friendly and attentive too, one slice of chicago white pizza is enough for a dinner, I burped into satisfaction, their pasta is italian authentic, (mwuaahh…), I had this as my second serving, could’nt stop myself from serving myself spoon by spoon and fork by fork.. hehehe.. a taste of fresh spices and herbs, the garlic bread quite intimidating, I’ve finished it off though thinking it was my last, I do hope that someday they’ll have one here in Davao City.

Lastly, then, if it comes here in Davao, I’ll be the first to cut the ribbon, or be present in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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8 Responses to Sbarro at Ayala Mall Cebu

  1. cool_iceman9 says:

    visit this place, you’ll gonna love it!! heheheh.. the food are quite appetizing.

  2. this article was exactly what I was looking for! found this blog bookmarked by a friend. I’ll also bookmark it. thanks!

  3. Toni B. says:

    Visit my link, ur gonna love it!!!

    Sbarro is a great alternative to expensive italian food, ur right…

  4. i love Italian Food specially those juicy pastas. They are really delicious.;*,

  5. Aiden Thompson says:

    what i like about italian food is the pasta and spaghetti. they are so yummy*:`

  6. Nonoy says:

    I really love the food in Sbarro in Ayala Cebu, especially their spaghetti and Pizza by the slice. The ambiance of the restaurant is also awesome.

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