Lemon Grass Juice

lemon grass juice Lemon Grass Juice

Winning 2nd Second Place – The University of Mindanao under the International Fusion Cuisine with their beverage set Lemon Grass Juice.


  • 1 bunch lemon grass
  • 3 pcs. orange
  • 1 pc. cucumber
  • sugar syrup (to taste)
  • grenadine syrup
  • ice cubes
  • basil leaf (optional)


  • boil lemon grass to extract juice.
  • slice orange and cucumber and put it in an individual highball glass.
  • add ice cubes, and then pour extract lemon grass, add sugar syrup to taste.
  • add a drop of grenadine syrup.
  • top with basil leaf.

More photos right [here]

Sheryl F. Polinar
Macky G. Besana
Garry Yves S. Resurreccion
Francis Mark A. Pelayo

Glinda C. Galgo

National Nutrition Council XI


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