People, individuals in any walk of life must stop in order to eat! It’s the most important sustenance and basic commodity that satisfies our hunger – you cannot work well or get the job done with an empty stomach do you?

Hello I’m Faust, a Filipino living in Davao City – the not so fat foodie behind Food Blog Philippines.

I started this food blog on May 29, 2009, I’ve been using WordPress since 2008 on a free domain hosted by a friend. I moved and registered to a new domain and applied for a hosting service, because several blogs I created went down or was out of service – lessons learned; don’t rely on free service, you’ll never know when unfortunate things happen, always backup. I’d like to improve myself in a little way through food blogging – my new-found passion for eating, I love to taking food photos too.

Most of the blog contents are written by myself, expect some grammar errors and misspellings, unrelated personal stuffs and excess baggage. This blog is my documentary of enjoying food – it makes me happy of the things I have accomplished.

I’m I really that fat? not really but quite a belly.

My blog is all about a total reflection of me – I love cooking, I do cook, I try to spare some time, a newbie photographer, a trying hard frustrated writer, I eat around every nook and cranny of the streets, find food spots, dining areas or newly established restaurants. I want my taste buds to level up, educate myself on different cuisines as well as authentic dishes that our beloved Philippines has to offer¬† – don’t forget abroad too.

There are occasions that I won’t be able to update this blog often. I have a regular teaching position at a public high school and to add that up – I’m also working as class adviser – a pretty hefty job eh! lot’s of paper works. I’m also trying to post blog entries at my most convenient time on weekends, join blogging events opportunities, among others.

Even if I’m still teaching on a day job basis – I know you’ll be hungry always, you can still find my blog with good food, some not and original recipes to tinker with.

The secret to having a good hearty meal is to put some love in it – anonymous

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edited August 30, 2013